Saturday, July 30, 2005

Do you know what is the MOST Popular food in Singapore??
Today, i found out that its LAKSA!!

To justify my claim, here's the "story".
Went to Maxwell market for dinner, and had chicken rice, after which a craving for Laksa came over me. So i walk down the stalls to look for it.
(p.s., i dont usually eat 2 servings of food, just that after a shack game of vball, i seem to have lost a few kilogramme around my aist and stomach ;P)

1st stop, the auntie said LAKSA Sold out. It's only 7plus..
So i walk around again, and found another stall that carries a sign with the Laksa pic.
You guessed it, the reply was the same " It's sold Out".
can you believed it??!! 2 stalls in the Maxwell market both had their LAKSA sold out??!!

Determined to lay my hands on a bowl of Laksa, i went across the road to Food Street over at Chinatown.

Finally! I located a stall that sells Laksa! No hesistation, went over and get one.
Bad news was..., it doesn't taste that nice.. rather bland though. But at least the "hum" saved the bowl of Laksa..

since i'm in Chinatown, decided to binge on some snacks as well. got this "Mini Suasage Combo" at one of the stalls along the street. Had once before and find it rather delicious, so i get one for myself, although i wasn't really feeling hungry anymore... (1 Chicken Rice + 1 Laksa Does gets me full...)

Recommend people to try it, cos its really DELICIOUS!!! Btw, the seller is a German himself and dressed in a Chef "suit" and hat.

After i got home, then i realised i have forgotten to get a bowl of the Shaved flavoured snow Ice dessert along the same street.... arrgghh.... Wasted...
nvr mind, I'll be back....


BabeThePig said...

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Please do! I know everyone's been very upset about the NKF saga and everything.. but when we called to donate the money the money didn't belong to us anymore... it belonged to the needy. And Durai didn't 'steal' the money from us he took it from the needy... the ones who STILL need it NOW! If we're not going to help now, then they will suffer injustice a second time. No matter how angry you are at that man, please do not lose faith. Please donate.

I beg you then.

Sorry for using your blog to write this... PLease forgive me.

One^Life said...

hey, no prob about it.
U make a strong point there!