Monday, August 25, 2008

After-'race' & "- thlon"

I'm already shagged out after 10Km run.
Its the first 10k run for me since almost 2 years agao.
and the fact that I dislike running doesn't helps.

Though theHotpot after-run buffet soothes everything.
Damn delicious food and unlimited Fondue! Shioookk.....!

Greatful that i managed to complete it.
No Marathon for me.
Dont wan to injure myself unnecessary..

But I think I'm hit by another 'sports" bug...
yeah, dual, tri, Quad-thlon even.
Of cos, I not into the full ones. Cannot make it lah...
Can only go try those for fun..

This one, very very interesting.
Though Quadthlon, but the distances are very short.

@ Changi Beach Park,
12 Oct 2008

I need some companions leh... racing is very lonely one..
Any takers?

Thanks to my impulse act, After I registered , realised i dont have a decent bike!
lol.. and they dont provide that for rental too...
Time to go through my phone list le...

First up, time to source for a brand new dream blade that i have been procrastinating...
"shopping" time... Rather, spurlging time

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