Friday, August 01, 2008


Only 4 days and I already felt my life wasted.
Really Wasted.

Doing "no-braininers" stuffs and following no-brainers instruction.

What more can you expect from somewhere , whose undisputed motto is 'Rush to wait & wait to rush", and whoxe acronym is well-known by many as Served And Fucked-off.

I still have 3 more weeks of such lives to go through before i can "revive" and regergitate my brain-cells, back to the reality, back to the more realistic world.

People envy some of us, who can get away from work to get paid , food and accomodation inclusive.
But what they didnt see is the 12 hours or more of redundant stuffs, "wayang-ing".
Of cos, me and my fellow buddies could jolly well be the minority of "super suay-ers" who kena such "annual recall life.

Already starting to missed the Real world outside.
The real world on Saturdays and Sunday for this month...


yInZ said...

wahahahahah!!! Must enjoy your terrific getaway !!!! =)

One^Life said...

hmm.. very hard to "enjoy" leh....
what a 'getaway".... =(