Saturday, August 30, 2008

Killing the passion ; Killing the sports

its damn diasappointing and discouraging man....
It was a bad move to join this years Ripcurl Beach Vball challenge.

Instead of actively promoting Beach Vball culture in S'pore, to me, it's apparently killing it.
Killing the already established passion in "has-been" players.

Portraying the wrong picture to "would-bes" and newbies.
damn disappointed at how the set up was done.

When i arrive, most of us had a shock of our lives.
though u see > 15 courts set up just like last year, 90% of them have nets' height just barely above that of a Badminton net!!
Moreover, countless nets structure has collapsed in the midst of competition.
To quote a notorious phrase" my grandmother can set better net than this!"
And such standards comes from professional bodies, like VAS and Ripcurl... !

such a Disgrace... !

Makes me ponder, is this what I have been striving so hard for , for the past 7 years? Participating in a way-below sub-standard "Major" competition.
Or is it a sigh of passion of the sports in me is dwindling?
Was above comments just me, trying to find a reasonable excuse for myself to make a gradual exit from the scene?

What happened to that guy who was ever so passionate about the sports years back.
What has killed this spirit?

Maybe its the gradual lose of contact with the sports that takes you further and further away from it.

Maybe something else has quietly crept in and takes priority over it.

Maybe its just me.......

Cliche, but this still rings at the sight of it: *Dig* , *Set* , *Spike*

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