Monday, September 01, 2008

Back to Training...

It's back to normal training regime after 2 weeks break due to reservist/AHM and the unpredictable weather.

Experienced the long hours under the "sun" (if any today) and the endless 4 hours trg.
Vast difference for 12pm and 330pm session, but results are evident in both.
Just that both are at different stages.

I must say, I am beinging to enjoy more and more of the coporate training session.
Can see the effort everyone is putting in , and the passion they have.
Despite corporate Teams generally being 'stereo-type" as Lesisure Teams, I beg to differ with this Team, and many others too.

Without doubt, discipline is not as tight as those in school and clubs/institution. But people still take the time out to attend most practices, even when they have no opportunity cost should they skipped any session. After-all, Corporate team provides almost everything, and all that they require is your committment.

And its with this committment + passion displayed from fellow team-mates that keeps the Corporate Team a Competitive one.

I'm really looking forward to the race in 2 weeks time with you guys. Hopefully we can achieve something again this time....

Something better?

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