Thursday, September 04, 2008


Alas I've come to terms with myself.
yesterday "shopping" trip for a pair of blade confirm my "fetish" for anything related to my feet!
Sounds uncouth, but then, walking through the many shops in Queensway Shopping center, I was lured unconciously shops into shops and admire the gorgeous sports shoes.
So chaep, so nice! So tempted to try and buy!

But then, remember my sole purpose is for a pair of blade.
yeah, anything that I can don on my feet gets me all hyped up.
Slippers, flip-flops, shoes, Blades, etc...

And thanks to this unusual "disease", I spent slightly over my budget for the pair blades , that wowed me over with it coulour, it's looks , it's comfort, and it's BIG Wheels.....

"Size matters!"


Anonymous said...

Haiyah Mr Law, I am much worse than you loh.I bought so many sports stuffs and never follow schedule..end up everything becomes white elephant... :(

One^Life said...

that sure is a consolation to me. Hmmm... Talk abt self-discipline... Hehe...