Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Financial Meltdown?

It was an unexpected and really Blue monday.

First headline news in the morning, it was the pending Bankruptcy of Lehman.
By Noon, they have filed for Bankruptcy protection.
Who would expect it when they kept it under wrapped for so long, where trouble only starts brewing during the weekends.

Then at the same time, another shocking news of giant bokerage instituition, Merrill Lynch, is being bought over by Bank of America.

within a year, there's really countless of merger and acquisition among banks and financial institution.
Its really "exciting". That's where the Banking world is that "interesting".
"It goes up and down like no one's business"

Yesterday the effect was the hardest hit thus far, personally.
Practically you see all red in the Dow Jones/WSS stock index.
It felt that the financial meltdown is inevitable.

AIG is in the red as well.... something tells me they are holding on to their last grip, but for how long...?

Another wave of financial crisis dont seem too far away...
Felt so insecured in this industry right now...
Every morning, its waking up to channel news asia.

everyone just putting up a brave front, until they can no longer hold it, and they hit the headline news.


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