Monday, September 15, 2008

SAVA Sprint after thoughts - The Lady Valours

The SAVA was organised in conjunction with the support shown to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation.
Inevitably, Paddlers in Pink are the main focus, despite teh inetrnational Teams and school Teams dominating the races.

A segment was set aside during the race, for the breast cancer surviors.
They hail from Hong Kong, KL and Singapore.
A tribute was paid to all who didnt managed to fight a victorious battle against the illness.

Paddlers from all background came together as the 3 lady valour teams belt out their athem "If we hold on together".

That moment, with teh lyrics, and the comradeship, courage they showed, it just touches everyone ashore.
To me, they are the courageous lots.
They never succumb to the illness, instead, they stood up, and took up what may sem an extreme sports for them. One that demands not only physical but mental endurance.
When you see how much joy , happiness and support they got from one another, it just warms your heart.
You feel so minute compared to these ladies.

One of the rower even postphoned her surgery a day later because she wanted to share the moment of SAVA with her comrades. *respect*

"you've come so far, don't throw it away"

"Live believing, dreams are for weaving"

"Live your story, faith, hope and glory, hold to the truth in your heart"

"If we hold on together, I know our dreams will never die. Dreams see us thru' to forever"

"Valley, Mountain, there is a fountain, washes our tears away"

"words are swaying, somebody is praying..."

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