Sunday, September 21, 2008

4 Days to go...

Leave the fianancial melt-down saga behind, as it seems like things are not going nose-dive all the way after-all.
Some 'events' on a "higher-note" to keep my thoughts off my 13hours daily desk-bound job for the past gruelling week...

Need i say more? Ok, I admit, am egoistic. I think its in-born in all man, sad to say.. haha
"ask for more?"

Thats what the hype is all about for the recent weeks. Pictures, adverts, event splashed all over our daily newspaper. Well , well, I think I will still prefer to watched it "LIVE" on tV at the comfort of my home perhaps? can switch off anytime I find my eyes getting tired locking on some makes/models.

After the re-furbuished Cathay opens its doors since years ago, this is the first time i steeped foot into its "Grand Cathay Theatre". Really very very Grand lor... Machiam "Suah Ku" today.
I'm still awed by its majestic screens and seatings capacity...
Mama-Mia is indeed an all time favourite.
Even though I did caught the live musical, catching the movie was still not a bore at all!
Everytime the songs are sang, it just gets my feet tapping.
Undeniably, some songs really brings me back to those Good old days at Zouk.. Lol.
I still LOVED 'that' song lor...!! " ...diggin', the Dancing Queen...."

Oh yeah, time to do my part for publicity....
If anyone happens to stopped by here, please take a minute to read the below.
I'm 'obliged' to do so, but atthe same time, am 100% more than willing to publicise this..

RBS Dragon Boat Race with Kazuki Nakajima of AT&T Williams F1 Team Race along the Singapore River
There really are some weird and wonderful things going on around the inaugural
Singapore Grand Prix: this is one of them. Take time out to watch Kazuki Nakajima and racing legend Jackie Stewart take part in a dragon boat race down the Singapore River with the National Dragon Boating Team of Singapore. It's all about showcasing Asian culture to the world of course, but we like to think of it as a good way to spend your lunch break watching from one of the bars in Boat Quay.

RBS Dragon Boat Race with Kazuki Nakajima of AT&T Williams F1 Team and racing legend and RBS ambassador Sir Jackie Stewart
Race along the Singapore River with Kazuki Nakajima of AT&T Williams F1 Team, and racing legend and RBS ambassador Sir Jackie Stewart.

Revel in the excitement in the lead up to the 2008 FORMULA ONETM SingTel Singapore Grand Prix in September with Formula One AT&T Williams driver, Kazuki Nakajima, and Formula One racing legend, Sir Jackie Stewart, as they race down a different type of track.

Both of them will take to the waters in a special dragon boat race with the National Dragon Boating Team. They will power down the Singapore River against the backdrop of the Central Business District. This will be a race of a different nature and will showcase the Asian culture to the world.

So come down to the Singapore River at Boat Quay and soak in the electrifying atmosphere of the river with the AT&T Williams team on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 at Boat Quay at 1.30pm!
Date : 24 Sep 2008 1.30pm
Venue : Singapore River, Boat Quay

Apparently for publicity sake, RBS DB team will forming the Team with its F1 racers, and pitting against "National Rowers" (how to fight lor, unless we got F1 engine installed at teh back of our boat!) and some "media" Team. So that we won't come in last at least?

Well, Come down and support whichever Team you fancy , and expect to see a full publicty stunt for RBS from its "DB Gears" on each paddler, dressed from heat to... Phew, spared the toe...
hmm.. we are just lacking the "All-white" carbon-fiber paddle that Citi has... Maybe the management can do something about it?? HA , Ha , Ha!

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