Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Now I truly understand how expensive can Children's stuffs can get.
and it relates to anything!!

Something came into me to 'transform' my room into a "kids room".
Instead of Zen-style, Retro-style, country-style etc settings for my room, i toyed with the idea of tranforming it to something that ould be soothing to me and makes me feel happy upon entering. (read: Not paedophile, pls...!)
So , went Ikea, and immediately, a numbr of items caught my eyes.
Not to mention they are of matching colour to my room's wall colour, and existing "decors"!

Quite standard, Boys room is blue, an gals red, so i had no issue with deciding which colour to take, and the limited colour choice really aids my decision.

That's when i also realise how Expensive kids' stuffs gets..

A cute little (not so little , as it can really pack in lotsa stuffs!) cupboard with 3 big drawers cost almost $200!!
But then, its me lah, I still get it... hahhaa...
and it fits perfectly with my room!!

Wala 99% assembled!

Then on a rather coincidental ocassion, I chance upon something as simple as a Clothes Hanger Stand that I've been sourcing for months!
Been tot he likes of Bee-hive, Barang-Barang, Courts, Ikea, and those "up-market" stores, didnt beat this one that I found in Liang Court!
Name of Shop is FBT (not that Thai Sports wear brand..), which specialises in all Kids bedroom's items.
I must say, The price of the kids stuffs there to decor one room, will definitely deter anyone from having a child...
Though it stands almost as tall as I am (that alone doesn't really make it suitable for a kid's room item, isn't it?), it still fits into my reliable "小白" without much struggling...

See..., who can resist this 'gadget"??!

And there it stands, stadfast and complementing so nicely..


yInZ said...

i totally got that idea before..
making the room into a wonderland!!!

we are trying to fulfil the wish that the kid in us wants..

One^Life said...

haha.. yeah... there's always a Kid in us...