Sunday, August 24, 2008

Movies and Drama

Been catching 3 movies in 1 Week.
I must say this is the highest frequency of movies watching I ever done in my life.

  • First up was 12 莲花 with mum. Maybe I had a higher expectation, thus it didnt turn out to be as great as I expected.
  • Infact, the next one i caught, 钱不够用2 was a better take.
The usual oh-so-true and “一针见血” political criticism on the S'pore Govt.
So hilarious.
And the many relevant Hokkien Songs and Hokkien conversion made this movie so close to heart. I Loved Hokkien Songs!
Check out the songs "Mother" and "家后"
Very very sad movie thats really worth the $10 bucks!

Then another money well-spent on Cyborg She!
A Korean Director of a all Jap setting movie.
Damn touching, damn heart-wrenching lor!
And I'm really impressed with the way the scripts was written. Not something anyone would expect it. Very very good script and screen play. The whole story comes to light at the ending.
arrgghh... I just loved Jap movies!

After the movies, had a traffic dispute with a farking unreasonable guy.

Trying to cut into my lane from lane 2 when he was still half a car length behind me.

Of cos, I dont give a damn to such road bully who thinks he could has his way.

All i know is "size matters".

Don't know what got into me then, (drivers behind the wheels are usually bad-tempered and hot-headed), I just stepped on my accelerator to make sure he dont get his way.

This bugger die die dont want to slow down and keep squeezing in, so good luck to him, his frobt side bumper kena "hit ' and brush away by the rear wheels of my reliable Terios.
hahaa.. so happy, no damaged on my car, but a dark tyre mark marred his side bumper!
That's for not observing the traffic rule!
Score: 1 : 0

so this bugger "Buey Gam Wan", so i stopped at road shoulder.
Knewing that he was obviously wrong, and failed to argue his way through, this idiot resort to kiddy attitude. Kick my Rear wheel cover(hha.. my rear wheel cover is tough enuff, no damaged at all). So damn childish act from a 38 year old.
fortunately I didnt lose my cool, and instead called the police.
Cos i know for both incident, I am on the "right" side.
Score 2:0 (Yeah!)

We waited for like 30-45mins after 3 calls for our efficient Police force to get down.
And that bugger after cooling down, realise he would be at a losing end, finally apologise. ("hahha..., thats what i am waiting for!" to let YOU apologies! That hit on your pride serves better than burning a hole in your pocket).
Such drivers deserves such treatments. scare them with the hassle of police report and criminal records, make them eat humble pie and apologies to someone of lower seniority.

"You are young and have a bright future, I am already 38 and have a family to support. I did that in a feat of anger, please accept my apologies, young man"

So shiok....
I sound damn cruel here, but you should have seen his attitude after being in the wrong and kicking my car when he can't fight his case. He derserves worst than that on hindsight.
I'm just short of waiting for him to kneel down and beg for forgiveness.
Serve you right Mr Wee!


yInZ said...

how come u still know the surname???!!!

but u were damn good..

One^Life said...

cos i kinda rmbr that when the police took down our particulars.
felt so shiok to be on the "winning side"... lol