Sunday, December 07, 2008

07 Dec 2008

Missed 2 events today...

1.) The inagural Annual Standard Chartered Marathon

Well, not surprising, since i am not really a ruinning fan. I run, only becos I have to (thanks to annual 2.4 Km that determines a $200 from a $400), or because its part of a compulsory 'event' within a multi-diciplinary race.

Not really a runner too, despite many people will think having long legs means you are a born runner.
Your Lungs must be big enuff to carry that extra distance lor, even if you have legs as long as stilts, you can just fall flat...
But still, respect to those who finished teh 42.125km run. Really a test of "mind-over-body" event. I can't do a 42.125KM lor..

2.) Coincidentally, its also the Penang Race today.
Not really a "Competitive" race in my context, but it really sounds fun when you put the various Corporate Team to represent under Singapore United DB team. Doesn't that already spell 'fun'?

If i had to go for all these again, its gonna be a year wait..
But, will things be the same again next year?

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