Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random utters

If they say "Life is like a box of chocolate",
Then the industry where I am at now is like a Mine-field.

"You Never know if you are standing on one until it explodes.
Neither do you know if your next step will be stepping on another Mine..."
I see some hope for the team.
Well, Dreams would not be dashed...
Time for bail-out.
Time to combine forces, and emerged a stronger Team...
I still loved rowing...
Counting Down...
9 more days...
I should get some life back.... hehhee.... =)
Why do we need to conform to social norms?
Who says you must be dating, start a family when you are nearing 30s?
Thats achievement? Think again.
why should we rushed into things because its the "Norm".

Because of that "norm", we have to compromise, and settle for the next best?
Why settle for the next best thing if you could go for the best?
What's wrong with waiting?

True enough, some people are plain lucky, and found their "best" soon enuff, some never do,
and some, just settle for the next best.

Humans are not born equal. That's a fact, not a myth.

Why make life miserable for the next best, knowing that it would never turned into the best?
Why subject oneself to 'compromised" to the next best, only to chance upon the Best thereafter ?
Are you sure you are with the best?

Well, if you THINK you are, then good, you have master the highest level of self-delusion - self-fulfilling prophecy. That could be a good thing though. But some people just can't get to that level bah...
If not, don't deceive yourself. It's your life, not one controlled by the "Acceptable Social norm".

Well, if you dont try, how do you know that's not the best one?
Ans is simple:
Some people like sampling to be convinced, they go by the head.
Some others trust intuition and "chemistry", and that leads by the heart.
Objective / Subjective?
Its every debate.
Its also each to his own.
Some did abit of both, ultimately the heart takes control.
alas, the answer is there.

There's nothing wrong with sticking to oneself until you found that right one.
Why compromise, because you take pity on others?

Compassion is generous.

Love is not.

You dont find someone for a child-bearing machine just to carry on the family line.
Just so that late at night in your 60s, 70s, you have someone to talk to.
Then again, do you really have anything to talk about at that time?

If life can be meaningful even alone, why rush because the numerical figures are escalating?
Why compromise, and in the end, more than one suffers.

Sometimes, if you hadn't known, Life alone can be much much LESS miserable than when you share with someothers whom you are/had been compromising.
Because of that "NORM".


Anonymous said...

IMHO, there is no such thing as the BEST. No pair is destined to match up perfectly. 2 grps of people exist - those that believe humans are social animals, and those that believe humans, at e end of the day, prefers being alone (my brother believes this, haha). Ask anyone in a relationship, they'll tell you they prefer being alone at times. And ask those single ones, they will prefer getting attached at times. In e end, it's a matter of which one you think will give you more happiness. It's not going to be absolute happiness, just relatively more happy & contented, that's all. No stress man man YT! lol - bored michelle at BNY.

One^Life said...

hha.. good analysis..

ecookie said...

yup i agree too. dun get attached just for the sake of compromising to the norms. at best, u wasted some time. at worst, u got stuck in a bad r/s for life. *eeks*

i like commenting alot but i just got time to read up all ur back-logged posts! LOL.

One^Life said...

haha.. so u must consistently drop by more often.. hahaa.. after all, I share the same "name" and initials with your baby yz...
err.. ok, like no link here.. lol..