Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Take a bow

Today, or rather, yesterday, marks the last day of my stay with RBS.

That same kinda feeling 2yrs 4 months back when i left BTMU.

Didnt really felt much before that last day.
And when that final moment arrives, that moment when you sent out the last email, the last time where you gonna shut down the applications at the end of day.
Knewing that it would be the last time you will come into such proximity with this Desktop, this workstation for the last time.

Especially teh colleagues whom you've work seriously, laughed at jokes, and sprouting nonsense to spice up the mundane "desk-bound" job.

All that will change, and change forthe better or worst? It's anybody's guess.

Do really feel sad to leave a Team of co-workers for the past 2 years , from the very first day when teh functions were brought over.
Its been a journey of fun. laughter, slogging, frustration and cursing and swearing.
But nevertheless, all things comes to an end. be it Good or bad.

Staying in teh comfort zone for too long is not really healthy either.
If opportunity comes knocking by, I know its not time for hesistation.
Afterall, chances don't come y often.
No Venture, no gain.

Looking forward to the new roles, yet concerned about the new environment.

Me, Huishi, Cathy


ecookie said...

i like ur new blog face! much easier to read n navigate! :)

Anonymous said...

i hope to return asap and take up your place!! LOL....

One^Life said...

WH - haa.. not much diff leh.. maybe less cluttered with stuffs... bah? lol

Mich: hha... i'msure they will.. err.. no turning back thereafter leh... Good forteh Team too if you go back.. hee