Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happ X'mas 2008

So what have I did for This christmas Eve on 2008?

No Sumptuous X'mas Eve Dinner, no caroling tunes, no window shopping or X'mas party on this fateful day, but I lovedthe day.

Woke up in the afternoon on X'mas Eve at 130pm, in the cosy bed, with light drrizzles that brings down the atmosphere temprature to a cool 20 odd degrees celsius..
Driizzles and drizzles, followed by a late lunch before heading to the gym.
by the time I'm home, just nice for dinner, and a little cuddling in bed with my pillow , still with that cool , cool tempreature outside..
Thats the best weather to stay indoors man..

Could just jolly well go to bed, before the urge for Red-Tea Longon dessert pops up in my msn conversation with Nic.
That was like ages (ok, just months) since i had that dessert-of-the-century lor..

Off o Changi V to meet nic for Red-Tea Longan and of cos, not giving the chance to missed the infamous Nasi Lemak...

Hmm.. Changi V, always gives me that nostalgic feeling. Alway slike the shophouses there.
No matter how long I looked, the things they sell, their shopfront, never fails to bring me back to the good old days in the 80s...

Ok, thats my X'mas eve.
Damn simple, damn boring, but I think that was a very very slow-pace and relax day that i loved to spend.
Not to mentioned the perfect weather....

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