Friday, August 10, 2007

DAY 2 ~ Tokyo

Day 2 ~ Tokyo : Tsukiji\Shibuya\Harajuku\Shinjuku

Still the same hot weather, but more prepared this time as i slipped on my slippers and yes, Sleeveless t\shirts this time! (phew, luckily my instinct told me to bring along some really light clothings) and berms...

Staarted my day at Tsukiji Fish MArket, tho not there to catch the fish auction , etc. But more importantly is to savour the Fresh and cheap Sushi at the restaurants located just a stone throw from the wholesale market.

There's so many restaurants around, which finally i made my wayt into one real great restaurant!
It was kinda crowded, and they have this prmo set, at only JPY1,400 I get 13 pieces of sushi sashimi hand-made ight in front of me served on the' wooden structure'...
The sushi is really heavenly!!! it just 'melts' in your mouth!
For an equivalent of less than S$20 , zuch deal is not to be missed!
I am definitely going back on my last day in tokyo....

Next stop, its to Shibuya.
Its really a sight after i exited from the station. Like a meeting point, all the youngsters were standing around waiting for their frens/date.
and yeah, Japan has really got lotsa beautiful people!
The gals are not all short, they are pretty tall infact, and really know how to put on make-ups!
The guys are cool too... Like poster boys.

Lotsa shopping center around but the streets of shops would be worth strolling about. Loud colours out to catch passer-by's attentions.

After that is to Harujuku, which is one station away...
Being a weekday, dont really get to see the ghotic cross-dresser...
But there's a street with all the small fashion/idol shops. Further up the slopesleads to more shops, but just not in the mood for shopping..

Hence, its off to Shinjuku for a peep.

Well, Shinjuku has another street touted as the 'electric Town' Lotsa anime/manga shops around, but the fact that all are in Japanese language makes it felt so alien to me.....

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