Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 3 (Sat) ~ Tokyo - Mt Fuji

Day 3 (Saturday)

An attempt to get near Mt fuji to catch a better view of the magnificent Mountain in Japan.
Yup, just to get a view, not to climb it.

Well, getting near to it takes up quite a fair bit of travelling time..
2 and half hours train from Tokyo to Kawaguchi, supposedly close to the Kawaguchi Lake that is to the north foot hill of Mt Fuji..

Well, managed t0 catch a view of Mt Fuji, but still, the mountain seems so far..
Will require another 1hr of Bus ride and ard 30mins of waiting time for the bus...
Checking that i am running short of time for the return trip to Tokyo, I just have to settle for what i have....
Weather wasn't ideal either fo rthe view of Mt Fuji as it was cloudy, and the peak was covered partially by the big chunck of clouds...
Nevertheless, still managed to take a few shots of teh mountain.

I still have a chance to view it, yeah, from the airplane. The mountain is really that grand that u can identify it from the sky, when I was touching down to Japan.

Tried to rush back to Tokyo center to cathc a Firework, bt too bad, am late, so well, have to missed that agian..
aerrgghh.. a second missed in a day.. -_-''

Nothing to do in the night, so i decided to head down to teh clubbing scene in Tokyo.
The notorious Shinjuku clubbing district, hmm.... wasn't really a great eye-opener..
'cept for the liberal existence of 'artistic' videoa and books...

the 'clubs' are small, more like the pubs in S'pore.. no cover charge for most, and the beer/liquor are cheap!
JPY 600. about S$8.
and teh liquor are strong! I didnt managed to finish a vodka orange after a bee, cos i really cant hold my liquor well.
And of cos, the clubbing scence there is somewhat like Bangkok, in the manner the streets are divided.. one street, its for the men finding gals..
The next street, its for the men finding men.

Still , i think i missed St James Powerhouse though and the likes of Zouk spinning Retro,...

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