Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 4 - Sunday ~Yokohama

Day 4 - Sunday @ Yokohama

Took a train to Yokohama (abt 40mins) and checked into another hostel, Yokohama Hostel Village.
The rooms are really superd!

Although small, its Japanese style with Tatmi and Futon. SHIOK!!! somemore air^conditioned with a televison.. (tho' all channels are in Japanese) and the best is, i managed to catch a delayed telecast of the WORLD Grand Prix women's Volleyball match on TV!!

Spent the day walking around teh Yokohama city center, thru' the Chinatown and to the Yokohama Bay.
Very nice and scenic park at the harbour front, great for a picnic!
head downwards to Mirami 21, with its amusement center and the famous Landmark Tower, touted as the highest building there.
A fee is charged for taking the high-speed lift up to the top of teh building, somewhat reminds me of the Taipei 101 Building.

A rare sight is a Back alley 'concert' going on near my hostel area.
A make-shift stage at the lower ground of a residential flat there, everyone singing to the tune..

Heard uts held during this time of teh year.. wonder if there's gonna be any tonight??

alright, tmrw is my last night in Yokohama, and i will be spending the whole afternoon at the nearby beach (Kamakura Beach) abt 20mins train ride away....

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