Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 5 (Monday) ~ Yokohama; Kamakura Beach

Day 5 (monday) @ Kanakura beach

This has to be the best part of my trip!
20mins by train and 1.3km walk from the Kanakura Train station, and there i am, The Kamakura Beach!!

It was really a sight!]Its a real beach!! not manmade..
And thanks to the summer season coinciding with the summer holidays, the beach was filled with people!!
the waves, the bikini-clads gals and sorry, no speedo biys around... lol..

Whold beach is filled with sun-lovers! all having fun on the beach water, board-surfing and riding teh waves!
arrgghh... I wished Singapore has such a sight!

Spent the whole afternoon up and down the stretch of teh beachline, taking a rest every now and then just t enjoy the sun , the wind and the even tan !

Something good about this beach is, they have 'Locker hut' for deposit of bags free of charge to all. And the pubs all situated one beside the other across 3/4 of teh beach. It's really really a great kind of feeling, and felt really like sunmmer time to me at this very moment!

hmm.. took tonnes fo photos at the beach, cos its really really beautiful.
Not the clear blue water kinda beautiful, but the kind where its full of people having funinthe water, sun-tanning at the beach, teh waves, surfboards, floats, the view of the open sea all under the clear blue sky!

I will definiteky want to return for a while as a stopover from Osaka back to Tokyo...

Preparing to head to Osaka tmrw on the Shinkansen (bullet train) tmrw morning, so better get some rest and recharge for OSAKA!

hmm.. what can i do in Osaka...???

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