Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 6 (Tues) - OSAKA

Day 6 - Tues @ Osaka

Onward to Osaka via the Shinkansen once again.
Arrghh.. i miss the beach.....

Well, sometime to look forward to in Osaka.
Another happening city in Japan.
Already past midnoon when i arrived, found a not too expensive hotel, (8000yen = s$100/night for very good amenities and big room.

Apparently, the concept of Hostel is not that widespread in Osaka, and they are usually located far from the city centre...
So well, just pamper myself for this 2 days!

Situated near to Osaka station, surrounded by some main shooping centere, and at the alley near all the pubs and bars..

Nice place.

Made my way to the town area , and there i am caught in a Sports apparels complex fro 1 over hours, just going through the volleyball related apparels and others! (you bet i got some unique volleyball items...)

10days on and its the world IAAF 2007 meet to be held in Osaka, and teh city centre was filled with the "sporting spirits". All the athletes posters along the street and gracing all the sports shops ...

Nice place, though another city, but generate a different feel from that of tokyo.. less commercialise i think...

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