Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 7 (Wed)- Osaka

Day 7 @ Osaka day 2

Didnt really have a plan to go today...
Was playing with the thought of heading to another beach in Osaka maybe??

but it seems so inaccessible..

So gave up that idea nad head for Universal Studio Walk.

Its teh street leading to ubniversal Studio Tokyo.

Well enough to shop ard there, and nope, i didnt pay to go into universal studio.... lol..
Looks empty and not worth the price...

Infact, there's a Takoyaki (Otopus ball) Muesem at the universal Walk!
up to 5 different shops selling their own versionof Takoyaki !
I didnt get any, cos planning to head down to the town at night for the more "originals" one....

Went down to teh Minami district, where there are streets of eateries and shops, and not to mention, plently of Takoyakii stalls!
If you hadnt noticed, Takoyaki is originated form Osaka, and u can see a stall selling them every 100 meteres along this street!

Its really nice compared to singapore's ones...
and walking down the streets there is really enjoyable and time well spent.. especially with all the delicacies....

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