Monday, April 04, 2005


Sunday JB session with Fiona, Tresa, zhiyong and Yanran was good, despite the smalll number of people.

It's like a few months ago since we last stepped foot into JB for the usual shopping and "makaan" at "Taman Sri Terbrau" (hmmm.. ddi i spelled it correctly???) Anyway, it "sounds" like "that" haha

Didnt had any intention to do any shopping, but perhaps just window shop. But never did i expect myself to buy the most things among the rest... jialat, i need to watch my budget .... *tsk, tsk, tsk*

well, 2 things horrid abt the JB trip though...:

1) The "Thunder storm" that races in right after we cross the custom.

2) The infamous causeway jam that took like over 1hour plus...

Come to think of it, that means a bad start, followed by a horrid ending for the JB trip. Fortunately, whatever happend in between were enuff to make up for it. sort of.

The next day morning, i was so reluctant to get out of my bed for work.... I dread to go to work nowadays... I am tempted to take MCs. But i am 'reserving" it for those "needy days" when i need to be out for "official matters" but not to work..

That's bad... That's very bad...
I am starting to developed 'Job Dissatisfaction" or rather, it has developed.
It used to be just "No Job satisfaction" ,not to the extent o f "Job Dissatisfaction".
It used to be "no Motivation" and now it's "De-motivation"

The only thing that is 'covering" all these demotivational forces and "Job dissatisfaction", would be the extrinsic satisfaction from the monthly figures that jumped in my bank account. It's not some great amount.., well, at least it's enuff to keep me breathing without being dependent on anyone else.

I pray and hope the Sentosa mgt team gets back to my application. I dont mind a "pay-cut". at least it's workinig for something i know i wouldn't detest. Too strong a word to use?? maybe...
I am not in my right mind. I need the weekends to tune me back...

Oh 我的妈 啊!Its Only MOnday Today!!!

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