Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kind Kopitiam Auntie

This blog is specially for the wonderful Kopitiam auntie who treated me to a cup of home made chrysanthemum tea. Although i seriously doubt she will come to know of sucha blog entry, but a little gesture of her perks up my mundane, uneventful day.

The story goes like this.....
Was looking for a eatery near my workplace after like 10plus at night, until i decided to settle for coffee-shop that sells "Zi Cha" along the back alley of Boat quay.

It was astonishing that this auntie from the Kopitiam offered me a free drink despite the fact that i refuse to order a drink for my "dinner".

Was half-way thru my fried Hong Kong Mee, when this auntie passed me a cup of chrysanthemum, and said that it was a treat! I was so touched at that moment....
A coffee shop owner offering free drink!

Of cos, i didn't forgot to thank her after my meal, and what she said really makes my day (although it was like 1 hr before the next day begin...).
"吃这个面口很干,要喝些水。 反正这水是我们自己泡的,不用多少钱。"
Touched to power of 10..!!!
sound so full of 母爱....!!

Did I mention the location of this Kopitiam?

It's called "Cityfront Kopitiam", located along the back lane of Boat Quay. The food not bad either.
And they serve very delicious Duck rice in the afternoon to cater to the office crowd.

Once again, 谢谢你, auntie!

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