Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Full Day OF Volleyball

I didn't believe it myself... 我竟然 managed to play a ful day of Volleyball On Saturday....

The day started with leisure beach volleyball at sentosa with my fellow BTM GTs. Hopefully this managed to get them interested in beach volleyball... *evil grin*

The weather was great with some time spent in the sea, kayaking/swimming/suntanning.

Too bad i gotta leave early for my next "volleyball date" at NUS with my usual gang of vball kakis.
Today, we had additional players joinin gus, and they were relatively great players and it felt like the longest and most arduous game since the IHG during those NTU periods...

Too bad, the weather turned for the worst and it started pouring about 2 hrs into the game...

Fret' not, cos we still had ANOTHER Vball session! This time, the heavy rain is not gonna stopped us, as it will be played in VJC indoor court, as a frenly match with the 'A' Divison boys who are training for their Inter-school Competition the coming week.

Playing against the boys makes me feel so old... afterall, we are/almost a decade older than them... 真的是岁月不饶人。。。。。
well, at least i still look young.. hahaah (indulging in Self-deception)

So parctically it's like one vball session after another until the frenly match ended close to 10pm..!! It was seriously a damn tired but definitely Great day of Volleyball Schedule! Should have more of such session(s) in the weeks to come... ahhaaa....

One regret though, my performance at the frenly match was seriously lousy... like a flash-back to the IHG matches .. I still get the sense of nervounsess and pressure to perform upto people's expectation in matches, and that screwed things up inturn...
Ok, made a resolution to play and train more often to avoid being the "weakest link" in the team.

After the last game at VJC, then i realise that a kocked on the knee i suffered during teh afternoon games got worst that at some point in time, the pain nearly make my leg gave way. the next morning, it was swollen... hmmm...... that wasn't what it was like in the past.. At the most, "blue black" will develop, but not swollen knee...
ok, gonna keep on monitoring... Seems like it is getting better since the pain is subsiding, 'cept for the swelling

Must be the age...
as u get older, recovery from physical injuries seems to be getting slower..., not to mention being more injury-prone when doing sports.... *sad*.. :(

I shall rise again soon for next week games!

Tentative Schedule for Next Weekend:
Sat: (1)Vball at NUS
(2)Frenly with VJC again ( TBC)

Sun: Beach Vball at Sunset Bay !

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