Sunday, April 17, 2005


So far only managed to catch the Flash (.swf) version of the MV for this particular song, 童话 by 光良。

They are much similarities betwwen the Flash Video version and the original MTV, from what i gathered... Well, have to checked out the original version til my download completes then...

The Flash video version ws quite nice, depicting the sorrow and sentimentality of teh performer as according to the lyrics of the song.

Can't help it but feels that this is the kind of typical song for those NKF drama serial by Mediacorps. Like the “孩有明天” drama serial, i think this song should be made the theme song  for the just concluded NKF drama serial, "活下去".
If anyone does watch this drama serial, picture the song being played back during certain scenes and it all seems so apt...!
eg. The final episode scene when the male lead (liangyi)and feifei played by Jaonne Peh met up at the ice cream stall, and the guy just fall and died the moment they met up. seems so fairy tale, but without a fairy tale ending though....
 我不可能是你的王子 ..."

A rather inspirational drama serial with some inspirational quotes, reminding how fortunate most of us are.

As the lyrics depict,
" ... 你要相信
幸福和快乐是结局 ..."

How often do we see such fairy tale endings around us??

**Update @ 2:00pm**
I'm Mad...
a fren called me up last minute to join them for Beach Vabll at Sunset NOW!!
Hahaa. How can I reject such an Offer!!
I'm Insane.. Volleyball has taken over my Life... *tsk* *tsk*

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