Thursday, April 14, 2005

For the LoNGesT TiMe

The tittle for this blog entry is a lousy representation for the song lyrics this time..
Only the Four Words applies to the "topic" of this blog...
I.e. "For The Longest Time"

Was always looking forward for the days to pass as quickly as possible, especially during the weekdays... It's kinda tortourous for me...
Have to put on a "pretence" that i am enjoying my work for 10 hrs a day, when in actual fact, its the opposite. So naturally, 10hrs a day seems to be the longest time....

A thought suddenly occur to me today, out of nowhere. I am practically wasting my life away since the day i step foot into the society. Putting in 5 days a week doing things you don't really like...

But that's reality.
Harsh Reality.
How many people in the street will say they are LOVING and TRULY ENJOYING what they are doing, 5 days a week, 10 hrs a day.
Most of us had no choice, and hence ended up compromising.

In fact, i guess those who are doing what they really enjoyed and LOVED, they are teh Really Successful people in the world.
although its a fact that money is important, i would stick to doing things I really LOVED and ENJOY, as long as the monetary rewards are sufficient to sustain a living. So what if u have tens of thousands in ur bank, but u only have 2 days in a week to really live ur life = 96 days out of 365days to spend that money the way u want.

I rather choose to be spending 7 days a week = 365 days out of 365 days doing the things i loved and enjoyed, while sacrificing on luxurious goods.

Well, i should not dwell on unhappy things.

From an incident that happened yesterday night, i realised i am lousy at rejecting people. A lady in her 40s was standing at the same bus-stop as i am, and after waiting for like 5mins, the lady asked if i had $1 to spare. Instead of hesistating and finding excuses, i just passed her a $1 coin. She doesn't look like she needed that $1 to take a bus, but probably she was just trying her luck to get some money from some sympathetic passer-by like me. I was right.

cos all buses went by until mine was the last to come, and she never boarded any of the buses. Anyway, she looked frail and haggard, so well, take it that i did a good deed.
If that $1 can make her feel better without having me feeling like i lost a fortune, why not?

It's Thursday......
This means teh weekends are nearing....
wooo hooooo!!!

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