Monday, January 28, 2008

Back on Water soon???

my hp sms ringtone this morning woke me up at (10am).
Yup, I have the luxury of waking up after 12pm everyday... lol

It's a sms that I should be jubilant to read about. In fact, I will be disappointed if I didnt received it..
Prayers answered?

"Hi yong tee, this is ( XXX ) from (XXX) dragon boat person in charge. This saturday the team got training at (XXX) 2Pm... If you keen pls come down and look for me."

Am glad I would have the chance to hold and use the piece of wood (which mabel has always "affectionately coined") again.
Didnt really get all hype-up on it though.. but the thought of that familar training grounds(or rather, water?) does create a high level of anticipation for this saturday....

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