Sunday, January 20, 2008

can't get enuff...

Anyone who's interested in something that cost me half a thousand and looks no more than a palm-size, which took up 3hrs of waiting time just "staring" while the installation takes place.
Presenting..., just the remote for the 2-way Anti-theft car alarm system.
What it does to justify the cost:
it has adjustable "shock" sensor, meaning as light as a slight knock on the car chasis will activate the alarm.
Keyless entry/remote engine start - you can start the car engine remotely from few hundreds meter away before you even see/reach your car.
2-way alarm meaning, all info on the ar will be "page" to teh LCD remote , alerting you of status of car, as long you are in range...
Range up to 1.5 click as per manual (but i would rather discount it to 500metres to narrow down my expectations...)
Turbo timer, and many more nice features..
Do find its worth it, just that have to really spend wisely for this month...

Glad that for 2008, I have embarked on something I set out during 2007!
Today ws my first class/lesson for MTV Dance Mix! something I have always envied and wish I could pick up!
Well, as the name suggest, its Dance moves of MTV dance tracks.
picture dance steps for songs like "The way I Are" , "All Eyes on me", thats what you get to learn inthe class! Some might say its like hip-hop, while not wrong , but its not fully hip-hop or breakdance. The best exampple would be the annual Fun-ka-mania organised by NTU.
Today's lesson was on chorus for the track,
"All Eyes on Me" By Letoya Luckett
Chorus part:
"All Eyes.. on Me
And I know that you, Want a piece of me
I'm feeling like all eyes
On me
The way my body moves
Is making you crazy"
Though the moves we learnt is not in this MTV, but its wonderfuly cheorograph by the instructor.

Short verse that last less than 20secs, and it took 1 hour lesson.. But ITS FUN!!
Wonder if there will be chance for the song 杀手 by 林俊杰.. personally, i like the dance moves and the beat...
(the below moves would acurately describe what this course on MTV Dance Mix is all about)

Hoepfully one day can dance to the msuic of The Way I Are , instead of just warming up moves to that song...

well, after lesson one, at least i know i still have some rythem of music flowing within me.. ahha.. just that still cant catch up to the speed.... Already so looking forward tonext sunday lesson... Too bad its only 1 hr per lesson per week..
Can't get enuff of it!

This week also marks my first rookies session with SPC Outrigger.
The outrigger boat is so light! it can glide , even with 6 person and not fully synchronised. lol...
as its a rookies session, majority of us had no prior experience with outrigger , except for the coswaint who is the last man.
becos with the "thing" sticking out by the left side to "balance" the boat, its rather smooth even on open sea!

The seats are really comfy.. cos they wrapped each individual seats around with a layer of foam like material... like those yoga mat thingy...
As for technique wise, its really very very similar to Dragon boating...
Twist and pull using the core muscle and not jerking... and also utilising the legs as well.

But one thing very challenging here is you have to row both left and right..
We start with odd numbers row right, and even left.
Then change about every 14 strokes...
Command "Hard" was given, and i thought it was "Hard 10".. lol
But its actually one hard pull, and change paddle to the other side witin that one stroke timing! thats amazingly fun and nice when everyone is synchronizing...
Wel, first lesson, everyone is very quiet, so i tried to give the timing sometimes when the synchronisationis really out.. but stil, the boat is quiet lor... *sianz*
Maybe still need time to warm up..

Shall try for second rookie session next week and see how's the progress...


Then sunday, Back tobeach volleyball!!
First one in 200 and since teh last one which was like some 5 months ago??!
Felt so tired and drained by the sun, and the weird weather.. suddenly rain for a minute, then scorching sun, then rain abit, the sun again,... hahaaa
At least it does help in gettingback my tan.. *i sound so vain now*... lol


reioval said...

woohoo! dance classes and outrigger! you're livin' it up yz! =)

One^Life said...

yeah... need to find something to fill up my almost empty life... lol
and these are the ones...