Thursday, January 03, 2008

Video Kill the Radio Stars? -Not quite...


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Been listening to the radio station 88.3 加 FM.
Many people still relate it to the old Dongli 88.3 of the Safa radio.. though it still is very much related to Safra radio.

But it plays a mixed of Chinese and English music.
Ocassionally, I tune in to the statin on the road.., and guess what was my favourite segment...?
Its their hourly " 经典情歌", where they randomly play a 经典情歌.

And...,all these 经典 were very much familar to me.. infact, I was there with my ears glued to the radio when they top the charts...

Darn... ! They have become 经典歌曲??
What does that spell...?
Ironically, 又爱又恨。。。
*** 岁月崔人老 ****
Some of my fave stations to listen online (Thanks online technology): (UK Station)- A great mixed of latest pop/dance! From atke-that to pussycat dolls, rihanna, Pain whit T's, Snow Patrol...etc! Its not so ear deafening/perect as 98.7, not as class as Class 95, neither as powerful as 98.0, but its very very very highly recommended for a good mix of latest and not too latest chart toppers... (S'pore station)- Newly re-vamped 91.3 that is really really awe-some! The onl Local English Station that can be compared to the UK stations..The best and latest singles can be heard here. Likes of Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and many many pop and Club hits (minus the remixes)!
Its great alternative on weekends nights if you failed to squeeze into any clubs for a dosage of dance music! (UK Station)- When you thought Class 95 isn't sentimental enuff or songs way too old or "vintage" for you..?
Then you MUST tune in to this station! All the love songs, ballads and ALL slow soothing music that you definitely can relate to!
If i Must rate it agst Class 95, this station wins Hands-down!
**Be warned** Avoid it at night if you are the very emo-type.. it has depressing effects....


reioval said...

YZ! i recognize the wa-wa song playing on your main page. Does that make me 经典 too?! muhahaa... duwan!!! =)

One^Life said...

haha.. I am really surprised u know that song!!
I dont suopposed your age is near to mine leh... hehee
you belong to the "cassette era" lol
Though its really nice..

Mr. D. said...

Well said!

Mr. D. said...

I meant the blog was well said.