Wednesday, January 30, 2008

yinz = 赢!

hey girl...., this entry's for you...., affectionately known as "yinz" on the blog.
Not sure if you are/were in the mood to blog-surf...
Well, definitely not a good news to "hear" such a series fo unfortunate events had befallen on you..

No amount of cliché consolations would help, so I'm not trying to say things like"cheer up!" , "All will be fine", 'be strong", "hang on there" etc...

Everyone of us might have gone through tough times in life, or yet to , or some lucky ones never will. Yours came at this time.....

I do think its a wise move to take a break, throw everything aside and be AS (Anti-Social) for sometime.
I realise, when we just seperate ourselves from the familar world we know for a period of time, things might just seem to turn for the better when you are back to reality!
yeah..., some may say its escaping from reality.
But to me, by escaping (temporarily), I get to reflect and "recuperate" from my fall and will be better prepared for the next round of reality, even if it may not be rosey.

It's not shameful to "run away" for a while, but must remember to come back hor...?
" One who Fights and Run Away, Lives to Fight Another Day! "
Compared to, One who fights and dies, that means you never have a chance to turn failure into victory.
so , no point fighting if you know its just struggling to prolong the sufferring...
Take time out for yourself, even just stay at home and lay in bed doing nothing or sleep.

Still, I can't avoid such cliché phrase....
Take care and see you soon yeah?
See you back as the same jovial gal as before...!

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yInZ said...

oh man.. yongzhi..

yes i read ur entry. Thanks alot alot alot for the post. I treasure everything that you said. =)

Yup. I am just trying to escape. For awhile, I will be back to the happy joyful and loud ger! =)

Once again. thank you