Sunday, January 27, 2008


Made a trip to Upper Thomson yesterday to get some gadgest fixed on my car..
without ryhme or reason, the direction sign " Mandai Crematorium & Columbarium" just caught my eye, and instinctively, I just had a strong urge to make a trip in.

And I realised, its 2 months on....
To pay my tribute personally...
Made a turn to Chong Pang market and gotten 白菊 , which i never took a second look before...

5 simple stalks of flowers, for the 5 extraordinary guys.

I thought..., why was there such a strong affinity despite being total strangers?
At that moment, I realise what was the reason.

We are all connected by the strong bond that spans among the fraternity, and the love for what the sports brings us. An arena where competitive spirits never cease, and yet, brotherhood/sisterhood is formed among this competitive relationship. Takng no physical form or shape, but all for the love of one common sports.

Thank you, for re-affirming why I still want to carry on rowing.
It may not be the same team, but it's still for the same passion, the same sports, with the same drive....

" ... there's just too much that time cannot erase ..."


YM said...

Well said indeed... the bond that links us all. Yeah, i miss rowing too... but i guess now that things have come so far it will never be the same again. I look forward to the day i will row on a regular basis at Kallang again, but i always wonder... without the pple that made it so worthwhile, meaningful and enjoyable, will the sport still hold the same meaning and be worth all the time? Guess that is a question only time can answer.

Take care! :)

One^Life said...

we've got to "re-start" somewhere.
we never know until we give ourself a chance to try.
No doubt that was the best period so far, but at least it's instilled in our memories.
Maybe..., just maybe, that day may come again?
With hopes, there may come chances...?
who knows, We might all reunite in another same team altogether? lol...