Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Another Begining...

Its a New Year, 2008.looking back 2007 and the past 27 years, I would say I'm kinda satisfied. Of course, it could have been very much better.

On a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10, i would rank myself on the number "6"
Just better than average probably..
Since day one when I understood what paper qualifications mean in Singapore, I aimed to get a degree, a job in the concrete jungle, and taking back decent 'bread & butter' back.
Glad these were achieved.
An "ok lah" degree.., and count among "rats" in the corpoate world.... lol
If God/神/Allah grant me 3 things to take along from this world, I will not hesistate and says these will be ," Memories, Memories & more meories"
Sounds cliche, but i think these are really the best treasure we all possess.

In 2008, what do i aimed to achieve?
Realistically to me, its money.
In this world, and especially in singapore where standard of living are getting higher, if you want a easier life, this aspect is without fail, a 'need'.. not a 'want'
In the world of economics on Scarcity, Money is definitely not a scarce resource..

So, pursue it!

And of cos,Friends. To maintain and strengthen the frenship , especially those formed in year 2007. It would marked a one year milestone....
and to existing friendship formed since 2007 and earlier, it means we have gone through one more year of unfaltered friendship!

Still gonna keep to my routine sports over the weekends.
Volleyball and rowing.
Would be the same Vball team, but it's gonna be a different rowing team.
Nevertheless, the passin wil still remain.

Well, a countdown will begin starting from 365 days....
No matter how bad your 2008 has started, rest-assured there's still 365 more days to turn it around...

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yInZ said...

Yong Zhi!!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year.. !!