Monday, December 31, 2007

Adeus 2007!

It's Almost 2008 and an hour before 2007 came to an end as i blog this entry.

time to recollect what have I Achieved for 2007...
The year flew by so fast... what have i achieved really... hmmm....
Well, career-wise, am contended there's some progression for the year... Monetary results will be reflected in 1st quarter of 2008.. so by then, can I accurately "evaluate" if efforts forthe year has paid off...Maybe that will signal another turning point in my life?

Health- Managed to achieve a healthy record thus far... yeah...! zero MCs. Doctors havent been earning my money.
Hope that will continue through 2008, and I wouldnt get into their "niche market"
2007 has been hectic but worthwhile. Got to know my team-mates better and a stronger sense of frenship forged. It's really great to have you guys around every weekends under the scorching sun and the relentless rows weeks after weeks. That has been one of my significant "achievement" in 2007.

My group of volleyball kakis... Its amazing a non-official team like us, who spontaneously come together every weekend for "training", managed to get a chance to play in the Kolam Ayer CC invitational. Though it was errmm.. , not as awe-aspiring performance, at least it serves as a good competition experience for us...
our beach volleyball teams though didnt perform that great either, but managing spots in Semis is really encouraging, especially with the upsurge of so many young and great players in this arena. Let's aim for another medal again soon in 2008 yeah?

Haha.. just as lack-lustre as its been for the past years.
Well, no news may mean good news on this aspect sometimes...

Finally, to all whom i haven't managed to SMS you, below is for you guys out there...

"The Year Has Gone,
But One Has to Remain Strong.
The Path is Still Long,
Walk it with a Song.
There May Be Fears & Tears,
Instead Look for Reasons to Cheers.

Wishing You Great Memories of 2007
& Wonderful Beginings for 2008!"

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reioval said...

happy 2008 too yz! =)