Thursday, December 13, 2007

Time to say Goodbye....

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SarahBrightman - TimetoSayGoodbye

It's never easy to say Goodbye, though I longed to get back to Singapore.
Today, our project team in London had a pre-X'mas Dinner.
Started off with a drink at the pub (they ALWAYS drink before dinner, during dinner AND after dinner). I'm really not a good drinker , especially on an empty stomach... so its full stop for me after less than 2 pint of Becks' and Stella...
Didnt expect that it was also a farewell dinner thrown for me and my colleague as well.
It started to get emotional when the project head(Chris Baker) made a 'speech' to thank us.
And Ben, our best buddy throughout this 2 months, presented us a little something to remember him by.
None other than his all-time favourite football club, Tottenham Hotspur.
I remember on the first day when i sat beside him, he had this card on his table that plays the team's athem when u open up. And he would say to me, "remember this 'Tottenham Hotspur is the greatest team in the world!'"
Whenever he opens that card, he will look at me, with the cheeky smile, waiting for me to say that phrase... lol...

He's really been a great host, colleague, 'Contract" worker(he just loves to emphasis that) and fren. It's really makes working with him an enjoyable experience.

At dinner, its more drinking...Champange, White Wine, Red Wine... gosh... I avoid it by just settling for a Champange...
Guess what..., right after dinner, they hop over across the road and continued another Drinking session! Hhaaa.. that's when I really need to bid farewell for the night...
I dont wanna turn a night to remember, into a night to forget.... lol....

Well, will still continue to work with the team for a couple months when I'm back in Singapore, but its definitely gonna be different.
Walking over to desk and physical meetings will be replaced by conference call and video-conferencing.
Thanks guys, it's been a pleasure working with you all!
*a little card with well-wishes signed off by the team*

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Mr. D. said...

Thats very nice of your colleagues!! I bet Christmas at London is very different from what it is like in Singapore. Missed the musicals, leicester square (cheap musical tickets there!) and bayswater restaurants!!

As before, I like the music you put on your site.