Saturday, December 08, 2007


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Becos its F-R-I-D-A-Y or maybe becos it means one week closer to coming back home..!
I guess its a bit of both.

And of cos, accomplishing something at work does adds on to the perks! not to mentioned when things are going your way during the 9 hours of desk-bound job..
haha.. one word, simple yet expressive enough.

**That helps alot in increasing the level of my "Happi-No-Meter"**

Of cos, some things can be irritating sometimes.
Ermm.... I think I would rather put this as a "Point to Note" to gals out there..?
Please take a minute to think before you take guys for granted.
Yeah, guys are meant to be the stronger sexes, and should , no doubt, act gentlemenly.
BUT, dont think that's to be taken for granted k...?

That doesn't give you the privilege to pushed ur luck too far, your jokes, and use the guy as your defensive shield or excuses (so often it becomes a habit)..?
Once or twice , and on genuine cases, its fine, we can be ur 挡箭牌. No qualms about it.
More than that, you just get the hell irritated out of him.
And DO note, not all gals are entittled to the same privileges.
Let's be honest & realistic here lah.... In this world, different people have different privileges, some more, some less and I don't see why it's not the case here...

Know your limits, recognise how far you can go with, "he can do it, let him do it, he will do it, go do it, he can handle it, etc..." Not every man is willing to do these stuffs/chores/be your traget of excuses for you. PLEASE RE-evaluate yourself first before making these comments. Again, even if its a joke/an excusue, please be more creative.
By just using the above phrases, it just tells us how limited is your line of thoughts... and it really really gets very irritating when over-done. Its not funny anymore....
And don't cower behind a guy when things hit you, and on the other hand, advocate the big phrase of "equality among sexes" when all's calm and nice. Please lah.......
(P.s., pls dont be mistaken, so far 99% of my gal-frens HADN'T fell within that category. =)*phew*)

Cool... feels great after getting it off my chest.. hahaa...

Well, looking forward to the weekends... all planned.
Last round of walking down the streets of London.
Weekends..., weekends....., weekends..... Weeekends.....
Weeeeee........k..... ends....... arrgghh.. so depressing suddenly.... lol....
no wonder they called it "Weekends". There's more than a reason to that meaning.....

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