Saturday, December 22, 2007


1.) Swim
(I need to restore my cardio that has been 'cruelly' suppressd during the winter period in London and at the same time gathered some Vit D into my deprived body ofr over 2 months...)

(a must, not a want,.)

3.) Take my Dad out to get a set of clothes/pants for brother's wedding in Jan..

4.) Tak my mum out to get a set of clothes for my brother's wedding as well
(yes, its the same 'brother' no doubt,but have to bring mum and dad out in separate timings maybe... )

5.)Dinner with mum and dad somehwere??

6.)Meet up with frens at night ?

Dont seem too much to do in one day? hopefully I can get all them done....
That means i must sleep real sooon......

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