Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yesterday was the start of a 4 day holidays for me! Sat - Tues!
Need to get my body active again, so started with Body-pump lessoon.
Gosh... being really months and ages since my last body pump.
Always felt so good after each lesson, just like a comprehensive full body exercise.!

After the lesson was a mad rush down for ...... VOLLEYBALL!
3 months nvr touched volleyball! I cannot believed it!
Luckily, still havent lost that touch.. hehehe
Great fun and the weather was good too! Sunny! May teh weather stay that way every saturday....
But was really tire out after 2 hours...
*damn*, i really need to work on my cardio....
Had an early New Year Celebration or post-Christmas gathering with my uni hall mates last night.
Wow.., its already been 3yrs ago when the big group of us stayed under one orrf, reminiscencing all the cooking moments at the pantry.
This time, its at Fiona's house!
Used to be a yearly affair of BBQ session in the hall, but now, all of us are no longer hall residents, so have to find alternative...
Great idea to held it at Fiona's house, which can accomodate close to 30 of us i believed!
While, the highlights would be all the foods!
Either prepared by the ladies, or bought pre-packed food!
Must admit, the pasta u gals make are really nice...!

We have "Italian" - Pasta with mushroom/ham Cream Sauce , Deadly Pasta in Butter and cheese mixed (they used up more than 3/4 block of Butter and 2 packs of mozzerella cheese!!!)
"French" - Oven-Cheese-bake Shitake Mushroom
"Swedish" - The infamous Swedish Meatballs..
"Japanese" - Sushi
"Chinese" - Fried Chicken cutlets cooked in a healthier way - oven toasted
"Western" - Chicken Coktail suasages.
Drinks - we have Pineapple Malibu, red wine, and of cos healthier selection like Ribena!
Served - 20 plus people...

Felt so nostalgic, and as though we were back to the hostel's life again.

***** 好怀念 *****

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