Thursday, December 27, 2007

rush, rush , rush - Boxing Day

Boxing Day.
It's an off day for me, cos generally the US and Eropean Marktes are not active...

So, took the opportunity and continue to run some errands and catch up with frens over dinner..

Decided to take on public transport today, cos it's gonna be non-economical to drive around so many places, and not to mentioned bing stuck in peak period jam shall i adjourn to dinner...
And if anyone didnt realise it, I seriously thnk Singapore roads has already reached a stage of over-congestion. Even on weekdays-non-peak period, there can be traffic JAM! Danm...

Started the day late at about 1pm, cos slept rather late yesterday night. And it's not becos of X'mas partying, but trying to finish up presentation slides due Thursday.
Yeah, I'm a self-proclaimed Procrastinator... that explains the late night.
And the fact that my last presentaton was done way back in Uni years really doesnt help...

SO, decided to do something healthy today and went to the gym first time in the afternoon.. Then its of to Sim Lim to get M2 Card for my new handset..
Gosh, M2 is not really that commonly used yet...(Even when it first introduced to the market some 2 yrs back?) I believed its mainly used by Sony products only.. perhaps 80% of its usuage are related to SOny products?

From Suntect to Sim Lim (by foot)
then to Queensway (train)
and enroute to dinner place Kuriya @ Raffles City. (by Cab and train cos I was late!)

During the day journey, i hopped on the cab at queensway and alighted at Redhill MRT.
Gues wht was the bill..?
Such a short distance, and that is the cab fare.
1.5 times of meter fare charge for peak period, and the meters no longer jumped by 10cents, but 20cent every instance!
seriously, if I drive that same distance, I swear my petrol cost and pro-rated instalment payment for my car added up wouldn't come to that amount!

I swear I will never waste that kinda money on Cab anymore. And further, you are not guaranteed Traffic-Jam-free by paying that peak period charge, do you? That's why i thought I will save more time (and definitely more $) by taking the MRT to Raffles City. And I did. No Jam in the subway.
Hence, If you dont wanna get caught in a Jam, hop on the train. For a max of S$1plus, you get to your destination faster!
I wonder what was all these peak period surcharge for? You still get stuck in the peak period jam, and see the meter ticks away mercilessly...

Had a great dinner at Kuriya. I would say its really a place for fine japanese dining.. Where else can you choose a whole fish on display machiam in the fish market, and have the chef prepare it in sashimi or any style u wanted.. (Now i know, Lion Fish is edible in Sashimi style!)
Not advisable to indulge on Kuriya too often for me though...
its really...... Exquisite food... at an exquisite price..
*sigh*... who ask me to have a soft spot for Japanese food....

2 more working days before the weekends (again!) and the holiday season...!
hmm.. is my 4 working day policy still forth-coming?

I hope...
in 2008....

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