Saturday, December 22, 2007


1.) Swim
Been there, done that!
Though Lazy me only woke up at 12noon, I still manage to get a good swim with the sun!
but, just 600m and i already almost breatheless... tsk* , *tsk*, *ysk*.. long way to catch up... *Sigh*

2.)Gym (a must, not a want,.)
satisfied and really felt my body really 'working out' finally! Shiok...!

3.) Take my Dad out to get a set of clothes/pants for brother's wedding in Jan..
4.) Take my mum out to get a set of clothes for my brother's wedding as well
5.)Dinner with mum and dad somehwere??


6.)Meet up with fren(s) at night ?
tireness from the swim and gym is beginning to set in...... Can I last throught the night?
And my frens didnt really make it, so it was not materialise.. hehee.. time to rest...

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