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John Lennon - Imagine

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there it goes again...
The opening music, John Lennon's Imagine.
Melody sounds kinda sad...., but the lyrics is actually very meaningful and thought-provocating...

"...Imagine there's no heaven
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today... "

"Imagine there's no countries
....Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace... "

"Imagine no possessions
...No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world... "

Well, the song is basically 'promotin' "Bagism", a term coined by John Lennon & Yoko Ono(wife of John Lennon)...

"The intent of bagism was to satirize
prejudice and stereotyping. Bagism literally involved wearing a bag over one's entire body. According to John and Yoko, by living in a bag, others could not judge you by the color of your skin, the length of your hair, the clothes you wore, your age, or any other such attributes. It was presented as a form of total communication. Instead of focusing on outward appearance, the listener would hear only the bagist's message."
Interesting.. especially the bag theory.

But i guess we all fall prey to this theory.. knowingly or unconsciously, we look/peep out of the bag, before coveing oneself up again... hmmm..... -_-"
Well, well....., still, I like the melody of the song! Imagine in the middle of the night, half asleep and this tune plays by your bed-side... That's what prompted me to get hold of this song.

On a lighter note, *swings mood around*, its time to spend sometime to piece the scene of London for today...
Quite fruitful, 'cept for a disappointment.. Didnt manged to catch Dirty Dancing ..!!!

Cos its sold out, and the best part..., it cost a hefty GBP74.oo for a tic! oh my... that means about S$220. And they don't have discounted tics for this musical, reason been its always sold out for every performance, so they wouldn't hae sapre seats to go at discounted price... darn....

Thinking twice, I rather not spulrge on it... not that i'm cheapo, at least, I'm not all crazy about it... and I can catch 3 other just as nice musical with that amount.. *Bah*

Now its almost raining and drizzling the whole day, makes travelling ard on foot really a chore...
Still managed to catch some nice sights...

This lady's umbrella is really one of the largest I have seen...
She was walking infront of me, and I suddenly felt a sense of jalousy..
Cos I am rushing bdown the road w/o an umbrella, and there infront of me, she has this huge umbrella that can fit 3 person under it...

The management of the apartment puts up a christmas tree at the lobby! But hor, it looks abit "botak" towards the top... and the 'branches' all pointing upwards.... Maybe its to support the candles that sits on it.... (if u can see those sticks, which are actually candles..)

On a better night when its not rainy london, the sights can be rather nice... Reminds me of the years when Shopping centers lining Singapore orchard Road's vying for the best X'mas lights-up deco...
No more of such sights anymore... sadly....


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