Saturday, March 29, 2008


Stuck in office AGAIN on a saturday...

sianz... 2 more of such saturdays in the month to come....

That means its gonna be another 2 weeks of 6 full day week for me.

Damn.... I dislike projects..

I never like projects since the schooling days. When teachers says "projects", to me, it means, Project the word to be accomplished nearing the due date.

So, my school project was always a last minute "rush hour" thingy.

Not to mention I'm on this project for a good 5 months since. Let it end soon bah!!!

I Love my Job, but I hate my work....


I'm always an advocate for 'Work-Life-Balance", so, a 5.5 day or 6 days week is not a job for me..

I dont need to earn so much money, ending up dont have the time or pleasure to enjoy it. I rather enjoy life as a pauper than to toll my life away with cash and golds stack in some bank account/vault.

As the olde folks always say, 生不带来 , 死不带去


why build up a huge reserve and die the next day not knowing where those "reserves" goes.

I need my life back.

after all, we all only have 1 life.

So, Live it!

Cliche? lol

Bad or good, fruitful or uneventful, its still a life we lived by. And we should have no regrets over what's past.

'Don't cry over spilt milk, Laugh, because its Over!"

I'm left with a Sunday for the week...

so many things want to do, but so little time..

What should i give up?

dance class in the morning,

Vball follows right after,

rushing down for DB training.

and i need to get a new Motehrboard PC, Swimming kits for upcoming Singapore sprints, training for the runs and swim....

oh yah, havent pack my "new room" after renovation...

where got time?

and i wanna watch Evangelion too....

So much thinsg to do, so little time...


Double *Sigh*

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