Monday, March 10, 2008

Great Begining...

It was an eventful weekend (8th -9th march)
Touched down on sat morning, and headed for the race at Seletar.
A last minute thingy to make up the numbers, and I was glad to be part of the team.

Great showdown on the first day of Qualifying and a first race of the year..
We got a good qualifying timing into the open club 20 crew semis.
Also got both 10 crew team into Inter corporate Finals and Plates Finals respectively.

It was really competitive and we know what are our chances in the finals/semis.
But it was really good results achieved on the first day of race.

The feeling of anxiety when donned on the "戰袍", the anticpation waiting to board, and the adrenalin when competing side by side trying to pull away from one another.
Some of you know how it feels. it never fades no matter how many races one's been to..

Fianl results:
Plates Finals : 1st
Finals: 5th
Semis : 4th
There's no excuse why we lost in ceratin race, and no sheer luck how we beat the rest in another. We identify our strengths and weaknesses, and we will be gearing up for the next meet.
We shall not let the "computer Giant" rules the corporate waters. Its time for financial Institutions to make a name on the river which we all are situated so closed to...

It might only be a "plate" this time to "share" among the team, but we are hunger for a medal each...

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reioval said...

wah so cool! congrats ya! =p

One^Life said...

Let's hope we have a chance for something like that too??