Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sashimi, Sushi, Donburi?

Dinner last night perks me up momentarily...
With great companions, since the "hall days.."
Thanks you guys/gals,
Huiyan, Fiona, tresa, Cheeyong, Jacq, Jieying, Bernard and gf, and Kairen
for the dinner and the wonderful presents! save me headache from shopping for a laptop bag which i have been procrastinating for months!

Needless to say, it was Japanese cuisine.
What's more, Its Japanese Buffet with really Good Quality @ Minori Restaurant located in UE square

Finally found this other Japanese restaurant that serves 'Damn nice" Jap food.
Not to mention the coutless variety, and not compromising on standards!
Relatively Good & prompt service, nothwithstanding the endless ordering by us, though they do skipped a few items..
(eg: Kairen and my Miso soup nvr arrive throughout our 4 hours stay there, despite re-ordering it again mid-way through... Makes me wonder if Miso soup is actually the MOST Expensive item on their Menu?? Lol...)

Sashimi was the best... Presentation-wise 90%!
IMagine the chefs took the effort to arrange slices of Sashimis into that of a RoSE!

It's an expensive indulgence, but at least its "healthy".... Haha..

I still feel like eating Sashimi today though..... hmm....

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