Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No Subject:Yes, No Subject!

yeah, no subject, cos its just random post.
All that I want to put it down in words and pictures for the past 2 days..

Yours truly fell in love with this song the very first time it hits me through the "radio-waves" on day..
Not becos its少男杀手 张韶涵, though i must admit such voices wouldnt fail to catch any guys attention.. any type of guys.
The song is very catchy , tune and lyrics are very soothing

但親愛的 那並不是愛情

但親愛的 那並不是愛情

Colleagues been great, she can understand and speak very good english, cos its her major in college.

Infact, all the colleagues know english, and not broken english.. Quite impress....

I still cannot get used to waking up in the morning... I always feel like dozing off in the morning, and after lunch.. Think i am resigned to London shifts....

luckily its only for 3 days....

Tmrw the last day of training! No More stress! Teaching is not easy.. fortunately I didn't consider teaching...

Tmrw will be my 最后一夜 in 东京。Must make full use....

"Home-ly" little eatry along some alley

Food presentation scores highest for Japan in my humble opinion. it just look like the one in the showcase... That's why they always tempt me...

a must eat for me everyday in Japan. Ponde-ring donuts. U can't find a trace of oil in it! The popular Mocha ones always sold out by night.. this one is Almond choc :( **Beware**For the sweet tooth only...

A pic along one of tokyo infamous sub-way

Btw, I'm here for work, so , some "Interesting" (read:Boring)CBD pics...
Every CBD around the world looks the same (read: boring, again!)
I wished i can stretch my hand in to squeeze those "balls"! read: de-stress balls....

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