Friday, March 25, 2005

Beach Volleyball

haha.. how can i not blog about this sports for so long...??

Yup, The next coming SATURDAY, 2nd APRIL,
There's gonna be a 4-on-4 Beach Volleyball Competition
@ Sunset Bay,
Organised by 动力88.3 (FM 88.3) and the "Navy, Be Somebody".

Hmm.. in case many didn't realise, The Singapore Navy has a tag for it's "slogan", i.e. --> Navy, Be Somebody.

Oh, did i mentioned that the Registration for 4-on4 Beach Volleyball Competition is FREE?? Yes! ITs FREEEEEE>...!!!!!!!!

Upon receiving that info from my fren, i strted to search thru my brain directory for frens who are interested in it. Haha.. and amid all the vball kakis in my "list", Tresa came to my mind! Cos i rmbr she once mentioned that playing beach vball is more entertaining and interesting when u are in a "competitive environment". That i agree TOTALLY.

Hmm.. now need to find more team-mates. cos dont wanna missed the registration.
oh and for the gals, there's supposedly gonna be "hunks" from The Navy on that day, since it's organised by the Navy too. So, that gives u a good excuse to be in the sun.. lol.

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