Sunday, March 27, 2005


Although I had an "activities-packed" day today, but it wasn't really fulfilling...

Went to ICA to collect my passport
Reached at 12pm

Headed down to CF as i have missed out on quite a few session during the weekdays... Must keep up with my schedule, else all efforts will be wasted.. (NB. Not referring to weight loss though.. hehe )
reachd ard 1pm after lunch @ Lavender

Actually made plans to meet up with my Dad's financial adviser, with an intention to "question" him on the type of policies that my Dad's took out as i felt that those polices were becoming redundant now, but apparently he was quick enuff to called my bro at home and gave me the answer: " I explained to ur brother already.." what the.... seems to me that he isn't so professional in the field of customer service, as he ACTUALLY didn't tell my bro much...

went to get my haircut again, and this time requested for a very short hair cut. trying to see how it will turn out. hrmm... the results?
Reached at 2:40pm, cos it's conveniently located just opposite CF.

Went down to PS for some impromp-tu shopping for antenna wiring and sports apparel before heading home for a boring night...

Not until I asked my neighbour who wanted to catch a midnight show. actually this "neighbour" of mine lives 1 block away from me, and happened that he's too bored too. So we actually decided to catch THE EYE 10.

Trust me, It's a total waste of Money on that show. Throughout the show, we were trying to figure out is that a horror movie or a comedy? It's really a Spoiler. Don't watch it. Wait for the pirated VCD/DVD> cos it's not even worth ur money to buy the original VCD....

Something rather puzzling though.
There's a Table-tennis Table right in frot of teh first row of seats in the center in the cinema theatre (Prince 1). I'm not seeing things, cos my fren do see that too. Why would any one wan to move a table-tennis Table into the middle of the cinema??

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