Sunday, March 20, 2005

hmm... What a Day....

This sunday was suppose to be a great day blading at ECP, except that i got off with a BAD start!

Within 5 mins into blading, i "tripped" and skidded on my blades, and ended with a abrasion on my left knee.
The Reason?

I attribute it to the hind brakes which i took it off, as i find it rather "hindering" at times. Probably i forgotten about the "disappearance of the brakes and "swwwoooppp", i llose balance and suffered a reddish knee-cap. -_-"

Just when i thot the worst was over, a bunch of kids and premature teenagers had to block the path and did "unexpected" U- turns that nearly made me crashed into them for like TWICE!

Luckily no one was there, or he/she gonna hear me curse and swear at that instance... *phew*, my goody image not tarnished yet. lol :)

Applied for a new Passport online at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website and felt a sense of "accomplishment" for being so "internet-savvy".. hahaa...

Took a instant passport photo at home and with the help of beloved Adobe photoshop program, i managed to yet agai create an instant Passport photo to be submitted online for my passport!

For everyone's info, by applying for a passport online, u get a cash rebate of $10! I.e., if u go down to the place personally, u pay $70. But if you do an online appication, u pay only $60!! The benefit of "Self-service"?? probably....

Before i end today's blog, must mention that i felt so loved by some of my great gal-frens! I only happened to put a title of a song which i heard over the radio as my msn nick, and they showed such concern by asking if anything is wrong! so "感动-ed"
Thanks Gals! I'm fine! Still the happy and mad yz that u know! lol

well, must clarify that i put that nick cos like it very much although it's an old song. FYI, it's the song that's playing on my blog player right now...!

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