Sunday, March 06, 2005


Well, the "Cheena Juice" got into me once again, and be prepared to see some chinese words popping out in this blog... lol

Was "inspired" by a show screened on Channel 8 last night, "七号差管"
That was the 3rd time i watch this show. Teh first time was in hostel watching the VCD.

It's one of those Hong Kong Movie with a storyline of police and ghost. Not really a horrror film, but a very heart-warming and touching movie i feel...

The story in summary goes like this:

This 出色 police detective cast by Andy Hui (许志安)go shot in the head in an operation and lay coma for 2 years before waking up and being able to see the "supernaturals" And during his 2 years of comatose, this nurse took care of him and of cos, fell in love with him and so their love blossom.

Ok, the part of the movie that i liked was more towards the end, when AH found out from his ghost buddy that his gf's "生命磁场" is weakening. well, that means her life span and "power of life" is weakening, i.e. dying. NOt being able to decipher what will happen to his gf, AH was helpless and paranoid. Until..., yes the saddest and best part of the movie:

A Container (those that carries by the container ship and long lorries) came crashing down for no apparent reason and crashed her beneath while AH is grabbing her hand trying to pull her away.
And the scene shows only the hand of the female lead jutting out of th econtainer while every other part of her is suppose to be under that container. Tragic.

And when AH was able to see her "spirit" right there and then, he pulled out his gun and attempted to killed himself so that he can be tog with her. However, her gf stopped him and insisted he carry on with life.

Well, i think the show would score more with me if he really pulled that trigger. ahhaa.. sadistic? I don't think so, but i guess that will make a very romantic ending. lol

Right now, i am searching for the theme song of this movie. Used to have it on my comp, not until it crashed.. *sad* anyone have this cantonese song " 时差" by Andy Hui(许志安) , please please inform me!! Its a song in his 2001 album!

hmm ok.. time to blade at ECP now.. It's a SUNNY AFTERNOON!!!

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