Saturday, March 05, 2005


Probably I can't think of a suitable enuff title for this particuar blog.

But first of all, let me start this blog from,.......

THURSDAY, 03 March 2005

Something 'special' happened today, cos i met someone special! hrmm. maybe i should say I SAW someone special today. It's a She!

Its Mdm Ho Ching!! Yup, named one of the world's Most POWERFUL Woman by reputable business and economics journal.
The distance between me and Mdm Ho Ching:
<50cm(for not more than 5 secs though.. lol)
haha.... Saw her waiting for the lift in my workplace with another gentlemen.

I must admit i didnt notice her at first glance becos she wasn't dressed too elaborately, nor was the guy beside her. initially i thot they were just pair of peoploe who are going back to office after lunch, not until my colleague first saw her and pointed out!
Took the chance to take a closer look but think would be impolite to stand and stare at her...

Friday 04 March 2005

this day marks the 7th consecutive working days that i knock off after 9 or not earlier than 8, when my "official" knock-off time is 6:30pm.
At this rate, i foresee a trend.
For the next couple of days, couple of months or even years, that WILL be my "NORMAL" knock off time....
And this long workinig hours is not justified by any monetary or non-monetary benefits. slogging for nothing... no achievement, no gain, no benefit, and yet u just have to do it....
I need to find a way out before this "trend" becomes a reality. I seriously feel that i am becoming more and more "stupid" with each passing day, cos my mind isn't working. I mean, i am doing mundane and almost "no-brainer" activities.... all my 3 years of university education gone to waste. laden with over 15k of education debt for no good cause......

Well, one consolation though. Its WeekEND once again. Time for me to enjoy, get out to the sun and the Sea! My Prrrrreeeeeecioussss weekend.....

No Rain for this weekend PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

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