Sunday, March 06, 2005

Time of my Life!

Today was a great sunday for me. At least the weather is better than last sunday and I Managed to Blade @ ECP! Yeah...!!!

Actually was a bit turned off initially when i left my house, cos when i was at the bus-stop, a strong gust of wind blew and a sudden rainfall begin!! Immediately, i called the weather forecast hotline and checked..., heng siah... it mentioned that there was no rain detected in the East, and strongly believed that the "forecast" is accurate, i continued my journey... ehehe

Well, i love the Met. station. Cos when trhe bus turned into kallang area, it was a sunny sight that greeted me. :) so i decided to whip out my trusted Sony Ericsson T610 to capture a pictorial moments for this day to and @ ECP. I was surprised at most of the quality i can get from this HP, and it makes me realised that it's a good enuff camera phone as long as the surrounding lightings are sufficient..

Happy me on the bus near marine Parade. See, It's so sunny out there!

That's me blading in ECP! windy and sunny day!

Taken at one end of ECP. The plane were very near..., nearer than in pic

This is a "zoom" in function on my T610. zooming in on the phone equates a smaller pic size..

Gave myself a treat to $1 Choc Chip Peppermint Ice-cream!

My trust-worthy pair of blades that accompanied me for the pass 2 and half hours.

Well, the quality not bad huh? lol

Anyway, gotta say a big thank you to "whoever" kind enuff to "turn off the tap" and "switch on the light" at ECP today! (read: metaphoric interpretation)!
Met celestine, kevin, jiayong some of the "lao-lao-chias" of hall 9 as well, and maybe some others whom i didnt manged to see properly as we were going in opposite direction.. lol

An enjoyable day always passes so quickly... its another 5 boring days before i get to live "the" life again....

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